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Hey friends, I'm Bruiser!

As a personal development junkie, all I want to do is better myself, others, and the planet!

I'm just a guy, committed to helping people change their lives for the better, one step at a time.

Whether you want to chip away at your debt, find a career offering flexibility, you want to save for the future, or you are just excited about life and want to be in charge of yours, I want to help you!

Join me on my journey!

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Welcome to the Bruiser Blog…

How to Truly Create Your Own Epic Adventure

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ADVENTURE? Traveling to a foreign country, doing something breathtaking, starting a new chapter in life? The truth is there isn’t one set way to have an epic adventure. It isn’t where we go. It’s not what we do for fun. Ultimately, it’s how we live!

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