Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution?  I’d be willing to bet that you’ve done it at least once, if not more. Now, have you made a New Year’s resolution related to your health, for example, to lose weight?  Whether it’s eating well, working out, or anything to better your health, most of us have made a health-related New Year’s resolution

Okay, now time to really be honest.  Have you made a New Year’s resolution and didn’t follow through with it?  Did I mention to be honest?

I’m sure you’ve heard of a New Year’s resolution.  Here’s the deal: most people make them. They make them in an attempt to better themselves, better their own lives, or better the lives of others.  Some people think they’re overrated. I, personally, am not high on the actual term. I prefer to use goals rather than resolutions. Nevertheless, resolution is the mainstream term for the goals made at the start of the year, so feel free to call it what you want.  I’ll use resolutions for the blog.

Anyway, I do think people are genuine about wanting to make a better life.  It’s human nature to desire more—better health, more money, more friends, anything—and that’s perfectly okay.  You don’t have to be satisfied with what you have as long as you’re grateful for what you have. Despite that desire for a better life, very few people actually succeed in their resolutions, including the most popular resolutions.  Among those popular resolutions: you guessed it, losing weight.

So, what’s the use in setting a New Year’s resolution to better your health if you’re just going to fail?  Well, what if you succeed? Remember, part of creating your own epic adventure is shifting your mindset to be more positive.  There is a possibility of success. What if there were some ways that you could stack the odds in your favor? What if your odds of losing weight were significantly higher if you did a few things differently than most people?  Let me help you with that.


First, Why Do Weight Loss Resolutions Fail?

People don’t fail on their New Year’s Resolutions for weight loss because life gets in the way.  They don’t fail because of bad luck. They don’t fail because their bodies can’t lose weight. They fail because they take the wrong approach with losing weight.  

“Wait, there’s a right approach and some wrong approaches to this?”

Not necessarily—any way that actually helps one to lose weight is a good approach.  However, a lot of people go at it in such a way that they eventually lose their interest and fall back into their old habits.

This might give people an idea that keeping New Year’s resolutions are complicated, but they’re not.  All it takes is avoiding some mistakes that are costly to your progress toward your goal…………..VERY COSTLY!!!!!!

“What mistakes are those, Bruiser?”  Let’s start with……………….

Trying to Change Too Many Habits at Once

I’m sure you see the ads around this time.  They’re heavily pushing exercise products, nutrition programs, supplements—the list goes on.  It’s so easy to get confused on what to buy. And what could that confusion result in? Not buying anything or, even worse, buying everything………………….burning a hole in your wallet or purse.  Talk about costly.

The big problem isn’t buying everything in sight.   It’s trying to change all your habits at one time. What we do and the result of our actions are determined by our habitual behavior.  (By the way, just about all our behavior is habitual.) Our habitual behavior stems from a system of beliefs inside of us that determines our habitual behavior, also known as paradigms.

**gasp**  “Bruiser! Such complicated language!!!”

We don’t need to get into an explanation, y’all.  All you need to know is that paradigms are changed by two methods:  a major emotional impact or constant repetitive thinking of new thoughts or action until they become the new habit of thinking or doing.  Since major emotional impacts are usually out of our control, let’s focus on the constant repetition.

Constantly practicing a new habit for a long enough period of time will begin to hammer that habit into your subconscious mind.  Eventually, your habits will become imprinted in your subconscious mind that you’ll be able to perform the new habit without having to think about doing it.  

How long is long enough?  Unfortunately, there is no set answer for this because it is different for different people.  It can depend on factors such as how often you practice the new habit and how deep is the old habit is programmed in your subconscious mind.  

Therefore, if you try to change multiple habits at one time, you’ll most likely end up changing no habits, and that’s not very epic.  The best way to change habits is focus on one habit at a time. If you’ve got experience with this, you might be able to focus on two—otherwise just go with one until the new habit fits like a glove.  

They Focus on the Wrong Habit

Okay, here you might wonder what the hell I’m even talking about.  Isn’t changing habits a good thing, pending it’s a better habit? Not necessarily.  Some habits don’t have as much of an impact on you as others do.

Resolutions to lose weight are the perfect example.

What’s the top habit that people try to change when they make a goal to lose weight?  They exercise more. That’s why the gyms are so full when January comes around. Everyone gets amped with the “New Year, New You” mentality and includes the gym in their routine.  

How long does it usually last?  Usually a few weeks, maybe even a month.  

Some would fall into the discussion above regarding changing multiple habits.  Others who only focused on working out could have lost interest for a number of reasons.  One reason that would frustrate people (including myself) is not seeing results right away.  This can cause someone to feel discouraged and think that working out doesn’t work.

The truth is, working out does work, but it’s only a small part of the equation.  In fact, 80% of weight loss is attributed to a different habit—your nutrition. It’s what you take into your body that most affects your weight.  So, if you’re going to work on one habit to help you lose weight, focus on building an enjoyable nutritional lifestyle.

They Expect to Lose All the Weight Quickly

Again, I mention that someone who doesn’t see results can get discouraged and think that something doesn’t work.  That can go for any goal one sets, especially losing weight.

Let me tell you the truth, y’all—quick weight loss is dangerous!!!  It may be attainable, but it usually happens without changing any habits, which means once the weight is lost quickly, one is likely to return to the comfort zone and take back their old nutrition habits, thinking that they’ll stay at their new weight.  Then comes the reality check!!!! The weight comes back. So, they get on the quick weight loss plan and lose the weight again. Then, they revert back to their original eating plan and—guess what—the weight returns. The cycle goes on and on. That’s the yo-yo effect of dieting at its worst, and it’s just as much a hazard to your health as being obese.  

True weight loss is a journey.  It takes time. Slow and steady like the tortoise beats going fast and inconsistent.  That’s why diets generally don’t work. It’s all about building a lifestyle of good nutritional habits while enjoying the food you eat.  

So You’re Ready to Take It On…………

Is losing weight on your list of goals?  Just remember to do the following:

  • One habit at a time
  • Nutrition is more impactful to your weight loss than anything else, including working out
  • Nutrition should be a lifestyle, not just a diet
  • The best results are slower and more gradual

One extra suggestion I’ll give you—try nutritional cleansing.  It allows you to reset your body by eliminating the toxins that acquire through the foods you eat.  There should be no reason to be afraid of eating certain foods.

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