We are creatures of habit.  We are used to a routine. We do the same behaviors day after day after day.  And most of those behaviors we do without even thinking about it. It sounds like it makes our days easier.  It’s also one of the scariest things to know, especially if our habitual behavior doesn’t propel us toward successful results.

Successful people all practice empowering habits to improve their mindset, business, relationships, etc.  Let’s discuss one of those habits, shall we?

Yeah, let’s talk about meditation.

What goes through your mind when you hear the word meditation?  Are you thinking any of these?

“Meditation is so weird!”

“Meditation is for monks!”

“You’ll never see me meditate!”

“Isn’t that where they chant weird mantras?”

“You crazy, Bruiser!!!”

Hey, I totally get it.  I thought this way for years until I settled into a habit of daily meditation.  In fact, it took me over two years to start disciplining myself to meditate every day.

Despite what you think about it, meditation is a practice that is not only beneficial to your well-being, it is necessary to your success.  Meditation it one of the most popular practices among successful people all over the world. If you haven’t started meditation, I highly recommend starting ASAP.

Is It Really That Easy?

Wait………you’re not really sure how to meditate?  Want some steps to help you through this easy process?  No, seriously, I’d be happy to give you some.

Get into a comfortable position – While meditation is usually associated with sitting cross-legged on the floor, any position is acceptable for effective meditation, whether it’s sitting in a chair, laying down, or even standing.  Yes, you can meditate while standing. Figure out which position works for you.

Set a timer to the length of meditation you want – How long do you need to meditate effectively?  If I told you two minutes, would you believe me? While some studies might say it takes longer to really settle your mind enough that you fall into a meditative state, you really only need to set that timer to show 2:00 (or 2:00.00).  Especially if the follow the next step……………………

Close your eyes and focus on your breath – The best way to get your brain to stop thinking wildly and take control is to bring its focus to something else.  In meditation, the best thing to focus on is your breath. Whether you are breathing normally or taking deep breaths, just take your mind and put laser focus on it.

It is that simple.  Yes, really………….it is that simple.  You don’t even have to chant mantras to have an effective practice.  That’s right. You can just be silent and it works just as well.


Are the Benefits Really Worth It?

You can actually experience plenty of benefits from implementing a daily meditation routine.  While many studies have come up with long lists of benefits, let me share two that have been huge for me.

Your mind becomes calmer.  When you can clear your mind on a regular basis, even if it’s just a few minutes, you will be able to bring more order to your thoughts and your day.

Your stress levels are lower.  When your mind is calmer, you are better equipped to manage your day with less stress and panic.  Can you imagine the health benefits that come with that?


Not Sure If You Can Sit In Silence?

Don’t worry, I’m also that type.  (WHAT?!?!?!?!)

What I use is guided meditation audios that lead you towards a certain thought process.  There are tons of them out there. An easy way to find some good guided meditations?

YouTube.  Yes, they are more than just silly cat videos. There are tons of guided meditations found on YT, so you’ll have no problem finding one for what you want to meditate on.


You Got This, My Friend!!!!

If you weren’t sure about whether you would be a fit for meditation, you are.  The process of meditation is easy. The real hurdle is getting past the myths and embracing the practice.  Doing so will improve your mindset and your health.

Okay, get out there and build that habit!!!!

Meditation is also one of the habits you’ll find on my “4 Epic Habits to Improve Your Mindset” Infographic.  Click here to download it and check it out.