The first personal development book I ever read was “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. Although my friend had told me that the book was about positive thinking, the title really peaked my curiosity. “The Secret” discusses a New Thought philosophy called the Law of Attraction.  In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction states that our thoughts create the experiences we have in our lives.  If you think primarily positive thoughts, you’ll bring positive experiences into your life.  Negative thoughts bring negative experiences into your life. Rhonda Byrne also introduced me to the concept of a “vision board”. To be honest, I found it interesting, but I didn’t really but into it.  More than two years later—yep, I have vision boards in my bedroom.

What’s a Vision Board, Bruiser?

Let me begin answering with another question.  Ever have thoughts about what you want to have in life?  I mean, really, really desire so badly that it pains you not having it?  Is it your dream car, dream life, dream career?  If you have a desire of some sort, and I’m 99% positive we all desire something in our lives, then a vision board will help.  Okay, time to answer the original question.  A vision board is a tool to help bring one’s wants and desires to reality.

“Wait. I just make a vision board and all my dreams will come true?”  Pump the brakes, my friend.  There’s more to it, but for now, let’s start from the beginning.

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Dreaming of a new ride? Make your dreams reality with Bruiser Brosey.

How Do You Make a Vision Board?

Actually, it’s quite simple.  First, you find some pictures of anything that represents your desire.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be the exact thing, but make it as close as possible.

For example, if you want to build a vision board for your dream car, look for pictures of your dream car.  Have a certain color in mind; find a car of that color.  The same goes for the model.  Be as specific about your dream car as possible.  With anything, the more specific you are about your desire, the better your chances of manifesting it into your reality.

Again, you can make a vision board for anything you would like—your dream home, dream business, dream body, travel desires, whatever you’d like.  Just make sure you are as specific as possible.

Ways to Make a Vision Board

There are several ways you can make a vision board.  Want a few examples?  Okay…here you go:

  1. You can cut pictures out of a newspaper or magazine or even print pictures out online and then glue them on to posterboard or construction paper. You could use regular paper if you wish, but thicker paper would be better.
  2. If you want to go digital, find pictures online.Once you have your pictures, download a good vision board app on your phone and make a digital vision board.
  3. Use option #1, then take a picture of your vision board and put it somewhere in your phone that you will see it.You can place it as background wallpaper, place it in a notes app—anywhere you will see it and see it often.

There is no one way that’s better than another.  It all comes down to personal preference.

After Making the Vision Board……………………

Once your vision board is complete, the fun part begins.  Your next step is to take at least a few minutes every day and look at the vision board.  As you’re looking at the vision board, visualize in your mind having your desire. Don’t just wish that you could have it; believe that your desire is already yours.

Once you feel and believe your desires, then it’s time to take action towards your desires.  Yes, there is action required.  Don’t know what actions you need to take?  No worries, the inspired action will eventually come to you.  It can come in the form of a friend or even a stranger. It can come from an article or video. It can come in any form.

How Long Is The Manifestation Process? 

If you carry the 3, subtract the 5, square this, do that…………………..I have no freaking clue. In fact, nobody does to this day, at least in terms of a set number of hours, days, or even years.  What it comes down to is having an unwavering belief that what you have on that vision board (or what it represents) will come into your reality.  When you believe so clearly that it dominates your entire mind, your reality begins to change.  However long it takes is totally up to you.

What’s Your Vision Board Story, Bruiser?

I did a vision board a while ago (sometime in 2017), but I actually never hung it up and didn’t exactly keep it in a good place.  I never got any impact or inspiration from it the first time.

A beautiful orange sunset over the water with a burning sun.

Fortunately, I’ve worked with a health and lifestyle coach—I call her my Lifer Coach since we are all “lifers” in her program.  Anyway, I asked for some coaching on getting more clarity in my life, and she suggested I do a vision board for what I wanted to manifest.  I decided not to do just one.  I chose to do three vision boards to represent three different areas of my life where I had goals in:  environment (new apartment), business, and recreation (travel, specifically).

In mid-march, on the last call of that particular session, I committed to finishing at least half of my vision boards by mid-April, so I had one month to cover half of my vision boards.  At the time, I wasn’t even 10% complete between all three vision boards.  Was I able to follow through on my commitment? After all, I only needed to get them 50% done.  I actually got it 100% done with almost a week to spare.  All three vision boards were fully complete and puttied to my wall. WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Oh, That Reminds Me…………

Take your time when creating your vision board.  It’s not a race to get it done as fast as possible.  It is way, WAY better to take your time (even if it take several time blocks) and create a vision board that charges you emotionally than to slap something together in five minutes and be bored looking at it.

Now What?

To sum it all up, vision boards give you a visual representation of our dreams and desires.  It allows you to visualize what it is you DO want instead of what you don’t want.

Start finding some pictures.  Construct your vision board any way you want and then hang it somewhere you will see it everyday.  Then, look at it and visualize yourself having it.  Don’t worry about how you’ll get it; just believe that it’s yours and the how will come to you.

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