It’s one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. More and more people are hearing about it. More and more people are jumping in, whether they’re just dipping their toes in or diving in fully. Just what is the buzz with network marketing?

The Different Types of Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a billion-dollar industry. Let me repeat that: a BILLION-dollar industry!!! What does that mean? It’s a blow to all those theories from those who doubt the world of network marketing. Guess what, my friends? One can make it in network marketing. “More info, please?” You got it!!!

There are different types of network marketing business models.

  •  Create Your Own Product – Probably the first thing you might think about when looking to build a business is coming up with and making your own product, whether by yourself, with someone else, or with a group. This product can be physical or digital. It doesn’t have to be a product either. It could be a course or service. Just make sure you are passionate about what you decide to create. You will be more successful in doing so.

While it is not a requirement to have your own product, this option gives you the most freedom in terms of your marketing strategy. There’s no company to impose any policies on you or anyone to give you deadlines. They are up to you to implement if you want. However, I do give you a heads-up: If you decide to include any social media, you’ll need to adhere to their guidelines, and if you want to get tasks done, you’ll want to impose deadlines of some sort.

  • Multi-Level Marketing – Also known as MLM’s, this model is one of the most popular models in the industry. Mainly, this model allows you to get in at what usually is a reasonable price. Then, you get other people to join under you, building another level. Then, the people you bring in go out and bring in people under them, building another level underneath, and so on.

“Sounds like a pyramid scheme, Bruiser!!!” Is it similar to one? Yes, it definitely could be thought of as one. The difference, however, between a pyramid scheme and a legit MLM business is that legit businesses actually do offer a real product, service, or opportunity. Oh yeah, believe it or not, there are businesses that do deliver the goods. Again, make sure you are passionate about what you are selling. How successful you’ll be depends on it.

The difference between MLM opportunities and creating your own product is MLM companies will likely have you sign some form of marketing agreement, thus placing some limits on how you are able to market their opportunity. I’ll repeat: THEIR opportunity. Fortunately, you can find ways to stand out despite this, as long as you adhere to their guidelines.

  • Affiliate Marketing – If you don’t feel like making your own products or services, this would be the type of business for you. With affiliate marketing, you can actually market other people’s products, services, or opportunities. Most companies do have affiliates programs that you can sign up for and start selling their products.

If you go into affiliate marketing, you’ll likely end up in the same situation as signing on with an MLM company. You’ll have to agree to terms drawn up by the business you are marketing for. Again, your marketing options might be limited, but you can find ways to stand out.

Wow! Network Marketing Seems Like Fun………….

So, there’s a range of opportunities in the network marketing industry. It looks like this will be a breeze, right? Pump the brakes, my friend. You have some obstacles to deal with on the way towards the top. None bigger than dealing with the majority of people you will try to get into your business. “But I’ve got a great opportunity here, Bruiser!!! Everyone will want this!!!” I hate to be the one to break it to you, but the vast majority of people really are down on network marketing in general. “What?!?! Why?” Here’s why:

scam, scam alert

Have you ever fallen prey to a scam?

  • The Dreaded 4-Letter Word – Don’t worry, it’s not one of the words that are NSFW. I’m talking about “scam”. When most people are presented with an opportunity, what crosses their mind? That’s right; “it’s a scam.” Why? Because they’ll look up the company or opportunity online and they’ll see a bunch of posts from people saying it’s a scam. Don’t get the wrong idea; some opportunities are scams—more than you think. However, even the established company will have posts saying they’re a scam because people didn’t like the company or didn’t have success and blamed it on the company.


  • They Get Annoyed With Being Pitched All The Time – When we see marketing in the media, the M.O. is to pitch us and shove as much information about the product or company in our faces and don’t let up until we buy from them. They feed us all the products and benefits. What’s usually in their minds? They want us to buy their products. Do they usually care about us as people? Probably not. They don’t take the time to get to know us. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, that was accepted as a top strategy. Nowadays, you will end up defeated more often than not, especially if you’re in a network marketing or online business.

  • It Will Take Time – Despite the way the advancements in technology makes tasks move faster, it does not do the same for building businesses. In this world of instant everything, you need patience to have the results you want. A lot of people who enter the industry don’t exercise that patience and therefore come out very, very, unhappy.

The Final Verdict

What can you take from all of this? Network marketing is for real, people. How many other industries give someone a chance to become a millionaire in merely a few years? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Not many? That’s what I thought.

You can be as successful you want in network marketing, but you got to work for it. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing this for a career or just to make some extra money. It will be a process, and you will have your ups and downs. You just have to remember one thing. How well you do does not depend on the company. It’s not dependent on the products or the area of the world in which you live. The success you have in network marketing is all on YOU. It’s about the skills you learn and then implement (key word being implement). It’s about your ability to adapt to any situation that occurs in your business. Most importantly, it’s about how you run your business: are you in business to make money or are you more interested in helping people?

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The reality is that creating your own epic adventure isn’t always a smooth road, especially when building a home business is a part of it. Those who are willing to put in the work will experience that epic lifestyle sooner, rather than later.  Looking to make that road a little smoother?  Come on in and schedule a free 30-minute chat with me.