If you’re starting out in a network marketing business……………good for you because a lot of people don’t even get started.  To get started in a business, you do have to actually


There are a lot of strategies you can use to start out, but there’s one strategy out there that is used so often as an opening strategy to build the business. Yes, so many people and companies will recommend it.  If you’re on your own, this is a strategy you will likely think of.  The problem is that using this strategy is not usually effective and will probably be a waste of time.  This strategy is likely to keep you stuck at ground zero, unless you’re a really, REALLY good seller and very convincing in your sales talk.  The strategy?

Chasing your friends and family.  (Insert puzzled looks here)

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What’s Wrong With Going After the People I Know?

Hear me out, my friend.  Yes, talking to the people you know is probably the easiest thing to do when you begin your quest to a five-figure, six-figure, or even seven-figure business. Network marketing and MLM companies tell their new reps to make a list of all the people they know and then go through the entire list, calling everyone about the new opportunity.

Unless one’s a veteran of the network marketing industry, he or she will probably listen to that advice and go through the entire list.  Whether it’s 20, 100, 200, or 500 people, he or she will call, text, whatever means available to contact these people and ask them to buy the product or get in on the opportunity.  Obviously, the longer the list, the better the chances of getting the business off the ground.

Except for one little thing…………..

Unless the friends and family on that list are either in or they understand network marketing, chances are one of three scenarios will happen:

  • No one will buy or join
  • A few will join, but they will quit
  • Some will join and stay, but won’t do anything to bring in new business

Any expectations of a flying start to the business takes a major hit.

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So, What Happens After That?

For a lot of people who are total beginners and don’t have a lot of the skills to create leads, so they end up stuck and unsure of what to do.  This usually results in some unfavourable scenarios, such as:

  • Paying for training and spending lots of time on new strategies that may or may not work
  • Having to buy leads somewhere—most of them bad leads
  • Going door-to-door to find prospects
  • Finding random people to talk about the product
  • Quitting

If you’re in a business for the long haul, don’t spend your valuable time chasing your friends and family.  Unless they’re all entrepreneurs and/or they don’t have beliefs against these opportunities, you’re just going to get yourself stuck and discouraged and it’s just not worth it.

“What Now, Bruiser?  How do I Build a Business Without Talking to My Friends and Family?”

The solution is in a concept called attraction marketing.  Attraction Marketing is a strategy that gets potential customers/clients attracted to you and asking about your product, service, or opportunity.  That’s right, my friend, the days of pitching prospects and shoving your business in people’s faces are sailing away into the dark of night.   If you have your own product, don’t come out to people talking about the benefits and features of your product.  If you are an affiliate or representative of a business, don’t talk about the business right away.

Am I confusing you at this point?

How successful you are in online business depends on how much value you are giving to your audience.  You build an audience and create leads by giving value.  You build relationships with your leads by giving value.  What value am I referring to?

  • Create content that’s related to your business. This content can be made by ways of writing, audio, or video. You can use sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.  You can also create your own blog and website.  Content that help to solve problems will be of value to those who have that problem and want to get rid of it.
  • Lead magnets are freebies that help and/or inspire people. You offer this to your prospects in exchange for some kind of contact information, usually name and e-mail.  Oh, and by the way, lead magnets can also inspire good value content.

What’s that, my friend?  “Why is this method more effective in generated leads than just pitching the product, Bruiser?”

You are not chasing people with the intention to sell them something.  You are giving people value to attract the leads to you with the intention to build relationships with your audience.  This is the basis of attraction marketing.  You get people to come to you asking about your business.

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Ditch the pitch and get familiar with attraction marketing!

Anything else, Bruiser?

At the end of the day, you are the one who decides how you want your business to grow. If you want this business to be a hobby, then you can just focus on getting your friends and family to join in and enjoy little success.  If you want to grow a real business, you got to generate new leads that want to solve problems that your product, service, or opportunity can offer.

What do you see yourself in your business?  Are you chasing prospects or are you attracting them?

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