I actually love road trips.  I love the feeling of driving out of town.  I’m always up for new experiences, fun places, meeting up with a new Facebook friend and the thrill of getting away of the normalities of life. (I don’t want my life to be normal anyway, but you know………..).

I took a nice Thursday afternoon in July 2018 off from the normalities of life and took a two-hour road trip to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.  My motivation this day was not one that I think a lot of people would take. (If I’m wrong, pardon my misjudgment) I had my first Facebook friend meet-up.  I spent the afternoon with aspiring author Jaimee Mayne. Jaimee’s from Australia and is currently writing her first book.

The Story Leading to the Meet-Up

First, let me clarify what I mean when I say “Facebook Friend Meet-Up” because this can be interpreted in several different ways.  My definition of a Facebook Friend Meet-up is a meeting of two people in-person that meets the following criteria:

  1. They connected on Facebook before meeting each other in-person
  2. They don’t live local to each other (for me, it’s within an hour of each other)
  3. They spend an extended amount of time with each other.  A few hours would suffice here. It just can’t be a “Hello, how are you?” and they leave.

Jaimee and I connected on Facebook about a month earlier through a mutual group.  Through that month, we found that we both have big goals and dreams and we both have our own epic adventures we’re creating.  Jaimee has been traveling to various places in the U.S., visiting friends and writing her book. Earlier that week, I saw one of her posts that said she was visiting Philly for 5 days before going to North Carolina to visit the creator of our mutual group, in which without the group this meet-up would not have happened.  

Now, the old Bruiser would have been like “Oh, cool, she’s in Philly.  I’d love to visit, but I have other things going on. Maybe next time.” Yeah, I wouldn’t have even said anything about a meet-up.  That being said, the old me was as afraid of Facebook, so I wouldn’t have even heard of Jaimee to begin with. The old me never would have had a Facebook friend to meet up with at all.

This time was different.  The minute I saw the post, I was like, “This is the perfect opportunity for a meet-up.”  I messaged Jaimee and we set everything up. The meet-up was on!!!

Our Experience at Penn’s Landing

For those of you who don’t know what Penn’s Landing is, it’s actually a waterfront area in the center of the city.  I actually thought it was the small carnival area inside, but it’s a waterfront area. So, my Facebook friend Jaimee and I walked into Penn’s landing and walked through the carnival area, which is mostly games, food trucks, and a skating rink.  Then, after walking out the other side, we found ourselves walking into a bit of a dead end.

After we backtracked, we just settled in one of the areas around the water and we just chatted nonstop for a good hour.  Let me tell you—my history of having long conversations is not that great.

What was easier this time?  

Actually meeting a FB friend for the first time actually and having a prior connection online makes for an epic opportunity to really get to know each other.  We shared our personal development practices, big dreams, prior experiences, anything along those lines—things I actually love to talk about. Our chat was all about the creating good things in life, not rounds of complaining and being salty as a lot of conversations tend to go towards.  

That’s the importance of the people you surround yourselves with.  

We Couldn’t Leave Philly Without Doing This

There is one staple of Philadelphia that is not debatable.  It’s not the sports. It’s not the historical landmarks. It’s not Rocky Balboa.  

Okay, I know Rocky’s iconic, but that’s not what I ‘m getting at.  

It’s the cheesesteaks.  Oh yeah, friends, the freakin’ cheesesteaks.

Philly is the original home of the cheesesteak.  Since the early 20th century, people have enjoyed the popular culinary creation of thinly sliced beefsteak and melted cheese on a hoagie roll.  

Unsurprisingly, Jaimee has never had a cheesesteak in her life.  

Surprisingly, neither had I, and I’ve lived about two hours away from the city my entire life.  I hear you calling me crazy.

When Jaimee mentioned going somewhere for a cheesesteak, I knew it was time.  I’ve been around Philadelphia too many times to avoid the city’s most famous food.  

We both continued our great conversation while enjoying a Bar B-Que Cheesesteak from Campo’s on Market Street.  Great cheesesteak, great experience.

If you like the idea of a Road Trip, Do It.

This is an awesome way to travel, especially if you’re a newbie and/or you’re just not ready to use other transportation.  This is also excellent as a change-of-pace, spur-of-the-moment getaway if you’re just looking to have fun with friends. You can have a great reason to take one—sporting event, concert, amusement park, whatever you like.  You can take one out of spontaneity and not have a reason. You just got to go for it. Tell me that’s not epic!!!!

Connect With People and Explore Together

Alright, friends, let’s be real here.  The real fun of an epic adventure is meeting amazing people who support your journey.  It doesn’t matter which way they support you, the people that you come across in your journey are there for a reason.  

This is where the awesomeness of social media comes in.  New people are waiting to create their epic adventures. When people come together, everyone can enhance not only their own epic adventures, but also each other’s.  

The planet does not flourish on one epic adventure.  It flourishes when lots of people love life enough to allow each other’s epic adventures to come into reality.  

People are truly awesome.  Don’t bounce when one of your new social media connections wants to meet up.  Be open to it. It’s the relationships with the people you’re in alignment with that make your epic adventure totally worth it.  

Whenever my next meet-up is, I’ll be ready for it.  

I look forward to more FB friend meet-ups in the years to come.  That’s one of my desires.

Unclear on what your desires are?  Download your free “Create Your Own Epic Adventure” Thinking Guide, which will help you get clear on what you want in your life.

Thanks to Campo’s for their great service and making an epic cheesesteak.  It was definitely an awesome experience.

Extra special thanks to Jaimee Mayne for being my first Facebook friend I met up in person.  She is awesome and she’s going to crush it over the next few years!!! 

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