Look at all the other travelling blogs and what will you see? Lots of posts and lots of pictures – of the people, the places, the food, and the breathtaking views the blogger(s) already experienced. The key word – ALREADY. Coming from a logical perspective, this would make total sense. Heck, I’ll even agree it makes sense. A lot of these bloggers have years of experience in the travelling space. Some of them even have had jobs while they’re travelling. Some even built businesses.


……not so much.

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I am committed to going on more adventures and travelling!

My Experience in Travelling

You know how much experience I have travelling? In the 11 years since I graduated college and became an adult – about 10 or so day trips and about 2 overnight trips. Needless to say, I don’t have the credentials that the top travel bloggers in the world have. In terms of pictures, I’m not even close.

Okay, I can see the thoughts going off in your head as you’re reading this. “Bruiser, seriously? You’re writing a travel blog, man. How are you going to produce a travel blog when you don’t even travel?” I know, y’all. What I’m doing here DOESN’T make any kind of sense. So, how am I going to blog about travel without the experience?

Hear me out.

Why I Was Against Travelling

You see, I used to dread the thought of travelling. I was happy in my safe little world of being at home and not driving anywhere more than an hour away. That’s right,

mindset, bruiser, adventure

Bruiser used to be against travelling, but a shift in his mindset has opened up his world to adventure.

y’all, this guy thought an hour away from home was enough of an experience in travelling.

How did this happen? You really want me to go down the list? Alright, I’ll go down the list. Let’s see here……………..

  • I was deathly afraid of flying. I’ve only flown in an airplane on one occasion (twice, technically, as it was a round trip) and I just never had a desire to get back on one, even though it is one of the safest forms of travel out there.
  • I didn’t really have the money for it. My mindset was really limited. I’ve never held a full-time job with benefits, even before I entered the entrepreneurial world. When I thought of travelling, I’d think of the cost of the plane, hotel, etc. It did not leave a sunny picture in my head.
  • My schedule didn’t allow it. It was full of other commitments in which I didn’t feel right getting out of. Why, you ask? I’m going to use a term I’ve never used before: FOMO. For those who don’t know, it means “Fear of Missing Out”. Yes, I was afraid I would miss out on these smaller, local events going on around me. So, what did that mean for me in terms of the places I would’ve been able to travel to?


……..perhaps my FOMO has been pointed in the wrong direction.

What Changed?

What has happened now that has made me want to talk about travel as if I’ve done it? Well, it’s all about my perception. I changed my perception on travelling. I realized that I was missing out by not expanding myself to experience new places and new activities. That’s what life should be about: growth and expansion.

When I realized that travel was something I wanted to experience, great people and great resources came into my life. Now, I’m excited to embark on a journey that will enable me to write some new chapters in my life. The best part: I get to share this journey with all of you right here. Why would I want to share it? Because we all should experience this beautiful planet, and yes, this planet has a ton of beauty. So many awesome natural wonders, landmarks, buildings, food, and people are waiting for you to see and meet.

What Now, Bruiser?

In conclusion, I won’t blame you for being skeptical. Okay, you can even doubt me all you want. All it takes is a shift in perspective and you can change your life forever.

For me, I shifted my perception of the world of travel. I used to hate it; now, I’m ready to get into this.

You can follow my journey, as I become a traveler in my own right. If you are or were a traveler, what advice would you give to those who haven’t traveled before? Feel free to share in the comments below.

UPDATE: I had my first solo trip. Read more about it here.